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Kiwanis NY-LISC Memorial Breakfast



The Long Island South CentralDivision Memorial Breakfast is an annual event, normally held in the Spring.  It began in 1965, when LG Francis J. Sassi of the East Meadow Kiwanis Club suffered a fatal heart attack while carrying Christmas trees.  At that time, Kiwanis was still on a calendar year basis.  LG Frank was not replaced until his successor, Emanuel "Manny" Kayman of West Hempstead was installed in January.

To honor Frank Sassi, East Meadow ran the first Breakfast, and dedicated the first Memorial Book to his memory.  Later, the books were dedicated to all who have left us.  After this first breakfast, the Division decided to make this solemn event an annual tribute to our deceased Kiwanians.

West Hempstead, as club of the succeeding LG, decided to host the second breakfast; and began the tradition of selecting the host club in reverse alphabetical order.  (Levittown gives to Hempstead, Hempstead passes to Garden City, etc.).  Over the years, two clubs expired, but have now been replaced by successor clubs--Nassau University Medical Center and Franklin Square.

At the breakfast, we have two lists: The one we read, and the one we have for those who have pages in the memorial books.  All of our deceased members should be in the reading list.  To place a member in the memorial book, their club presents a scholarship of at least $250 to a student of their choice, and prepares the page to be placed in the book.

The breakfast program is simple.  The breakfast begins with introductions of clergy, then of dignitaries, with no applause as this is a solemn occasion.  There may be remarks and an inspirational speaker.  After the speaker, our LG calls up each club to read their rolls and light their candle in remembrance of those from their club who have passed.  It is the responsibility of each club to advise the host club before the breakfast of any additions required to the lists, and to prepare the memorial book page for any member they are adding to the book.   At the end of the program, the host club turns over the books to the club which will be the host the following year.

2016 Memorial Breakfast

On Sunday, May 1, 2016 at 9 AM

2015 Breakfast will be hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Franklin Square at

Nassau County Bar Assoc
th and West Streets
Mineola, NY

2017 Breakfast will be hosted by the Farmingdale

To view the list for any club, click on the club name:

The Bellmores Hempstead Nassau Univ. Med. Center II
Bethpage-Central Pk Lakeview Seaford

East Meadow

Levittown Town Hall/Hempstead
Elmont Massapequa Uniondale United
Farmingdale Merrick Wantagh
Franklin Square II N C Court Houses West Hempstead
Garden City    

To  view the list of persons in the Memorial Book, click here.

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