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Volunteer Opportunity

The weekend of September 17th, the Long Island Marathon Festival of Events will be taking place at Eisenhower Park.  The I Run this Island Foundation is looking for volunteers to assist with the events.  This is a great opportunity for Kiwanis to get our name out into the community.  We can volunteer with participant check in.  Responsibilities will include greeting participants, handing them their bib and giveaways and assisting them through the process.

We are looking for volunteers for the following shifts:

Friday, September 17 from 3-6
Friday, September 17 from 5-8
Saturday, September 18 from 9-12
Saturday, September 18 from 11-2
Saturday, September 18 from 1-4
Saturday, September 18 from 3-6

If you are interested in volunteering, please respond to me with your name, email address and cell phone number and which shift you can work by September 13th.

Thank you in advance for considering this volunteer opportunity.

Kim Scharoff


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